4 Basic Reasons Why Women Contraception is shifted to IUDs

An IUD or intrauterine device is the primary means of birth control among an increasing number of women in London. There are 5 unique factors that set IUDs in a different league altogether from other birth-control devices. These include the following:

Ease and convenience

A large number of people can be forgetful to take pills. When you choose an IUD, the necessity of taking the pill does not arise, says a doctor associated with a renowned private clinic for IUD coil fitting in London. Unlike the conventional contraceptive methods and devices, IUDs are truly a set-and-forget method to avoid unwanted pregnancy. Depending on the brand you choose, they last anywhere between 3 and 10 years. Moreover, IUD insertion or removal requires a short visit to your gynecologist’s office.

Safety quotient

The latest version of IUDs comes as small, soft devices in the shape of “T” much unlike the large, flat Dalkon Shield of the past. Thus, contemporary IUDs hardly cause much complication. Zillions of women all over the world have adopted IUDs over the last 40 years and yet there is no significant record of complications in those cases. Certain varieties of IUDs are designed for teenagers and women, who are yet to give birth.

Reliability quotient

Sex is often spontaneous and so you may or may not be prepared with some kind of contraception every time. But when you choose an IUD, you are always prepared to avoid getting pregnant while going all the way in enjoying sex. It is relevant mentioning here that the success rate of IUDs in preventing unwanted pregnancy is very high. It is in fact so high that even female sterilisation success rate cannot match with it. The chances of IUDs slipping out of place are also very low. However, to be on the safer side, you should get a check-up done within 4 to 6 weeks of the IUD insertion to check that the device is at the right place.

Easy reversibility

IUDs are basically long-lasting reversible contraceptives or LARC. You can have them inserted at any time and similarly get rid of them at any time you want, which makes everything very easy should you desire to start a family. Whenever you want to start your family, just make an appointment with your gynaecologist to get the contraceptive device removed from your uterus. The removal procedure hardly takes a few minutes. It is also possible to get pregnant immediately after removing the IUD.

Popular IUDs in the UK market can be broadly categorised into two parts:

  • Hormone-based IUDs and
  • Copper coil IUDs

Doctors at the coil removal clinic in London mentioned above explain that the copper coil in the IUD creates a cold, unfriendly environment inside the uterus for the sperm to prevent fertilisation. Copper coil IUDs is a better choice for those who want to avoid oral contraceptives. On the other hand, hormone-based IUDs offer you many options. Considering all these factors, there’s no wonder that women contraception in the modern times has shifted to intrauterine devices.

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