Necessary Facts to Know about Getting your IUD Removed

An intrauterine device, or IUD, is extremely reliable in providing contraception, with a simple fit and forget procedure helping patients to avoid unwanted pregnancy. IUDs are effective for a specific time period, after which they should be removed. Read on to know some facts that might be appropriate at the time of removing an IUD:

  1. IUD or coil removal is typically easier than insertion
  2. It is much less painful than you may think.
  3. Coil removal can take as little as 20 minutes

IUD removal should be performed by trained professionals only. Do not try to remove your own or ask a friend to do it for you in any circumstances as you are more likely cause severe damage to yourself than successfully remove the coil. After coil removal, fertility returns to normal and if you are looking to get pregnant, this is possible.

About the IUD removal procedure:

According to private coil fitting experts in London, when performing an IUD removal, it is possible to remove the device at any time, including during menstruation. This is mainly due to the fact that the cervix is actually naturally softer during this phase of the month which makes the entire procedure easier.

  1. The Consultant who perform the extraction should know the position of your uterus. A speculum might be needed to separate your vaginal walls.
  2. The strings fixed to the IUD have to be located before the doctor pulls on them with forceps.
  3. Due to external force, the flexible arms of the IUD will fold up automatically and the contraceptive device will slide through the cervix opening.

This whole procedure can be completed in as quick as 20 minutes or less.

Possible complications associated with the procedure

In case of most women, an IUD removal is a routine and an easy procedure. There are some cases when the doctor may not be able to detect your IUD strings. This usually takes place when the stringshave already slipped into the cervical canal, or if they have been cut very short. If you want to prevent such complications, it is advised to request leaving the strings as they are post insertion.

When you need to go for an IUD removal

A doctor might suggest removing the IUD in case you may experience:

  1. an increase in your blood pressure
  2. some pelvic infection
  3. endometritis, which is an inflammatory condition affecting the lining of the uterus
  4. cervical or endometrial cancer
  5. menopause

If other side effects or discomfort may occur, removal may be necessary.

You need to visit the Gynae UK clinic in London for copper coil fitting and IUD removal from the experts only. 

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