Prevent Pregnancy with Birth Control across the Gender Spectrum

Whether you fall under the category of cidgender, transgender or gender nonconfirming, you might have your own needs for birth control. If you are a transgender or gender nonconforming, then this means you do not recognize yourself as the gender you were during birth. Unlike cisgender, transgender and gender nonconforming people are sexually diverse and might be at greater risk for your unplanned pregnancy. Individuals who belong to the gender spectrum might or might not use hormone therapy or have surgery as a part of their gender journey. This can even affect the kind of birth control method they prefer to use.

It is definitely a good decision to discuss about your reproductive health needs with the provider. Your health care provider will help you to know certain things before choosing the right birth control method for your need.

Birth control if you have ovaries and uterus

  • Pregnancy – If you are having unprotected sex with your partner, then there are greater risks of pregnancy. Even if you use testosterone and do not stop ovulating necessarily, then becoming pregnant with hormone therapy can have certain risks of pregnancy. If you do not want to become pregnant now, then birth control is certainly a good idea.
  • Periods – Though you may not worry to avoid pregnancy, hormonal birth control helps in regulating your periods or making them to go away completely. Gender dysphoria might worsen when you start with your periods for some people and so, patients look for suitable methods to stop their cycle. Everyone on the gender nonconforming/ transmasculine spectrum may not use testosterone for their transition, however those who do, the monthly periods usually lighten or stop completely. If you are still having periods and want it to be lighter or stop altogether, then hormonal birth control can help in this regard.

Let us discuss some methods that are most popular to prevent pregnancy.

  • Condoms and emergency contraception

Condoms and internal condoms are a hormone-free option for sexually transmitted infections to prevent pregnancy. If a condom does not work or there is no contraceptive method being used, then you need not worry about pregnancy as there are various otions for emergency contraception.

  • The pill

Many transguys prefer to take progestin-only pill as it helps to avoid pregnancy and progestin has certain masculinizing benefits like increased hair growth.

The shot

Depo-provera is a progestin-only and injectable form of contraception that should be taken in every 3 months. Most people get this injection from their health care provider, but there is a suitable option of self-administering it under the skin at your home.

  • The implant

Implant is a small rod with progestin to insert it in the arm during an in-office treatment. It may be felt and so, is a suitable option if you want to keep birth control private. The implant produces progestin slowly for almost 4 years to restrain ovulation. It is a great method for the ones who do not want to think about birth control.

  • The Intrauterine Device or IUD

IUDs are T-shaped devices inserted into the uterus during an office procedure. You will find four kinds of hormonal IUDs and all of them contain progestin. Hormonal IUDs are a suitable option if you want light periods or want them to go away. Depending on your kind, they may be used for at least 3 to 7 years. On the other hand, non-hormonal IUD has copper and won’t affect your periods. You can use it for usually 12 years. All private IUDs coil fitting in London can be removed by discussing with a health care provider any time you really want.

  • Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is the surgical method where uterus or cervix and ovaries are removed. Many people with transmasculine experience go for hysterectomy as a part of their gender journey.

Birth control if you have a penis and testicles

If you are having a penis and testicles and enjoying vaginal sex with someone having a uterus and ovaries, then there is a risk for your unprepared pregnancy. The transfeminine experience might take blockers to hold back estrogen and testosterone for feminization. Testosterone blockers reduce the production of sperm and quality that might affect the ability to have erection and ejaculate, however they are not a reliable kind for birth control.

The positive news is that you and your partner may use any of these methods to stay away from pregnancy. If you do not want to conceive right now, then there are other permanent options to take into consideration. Some people might go for orchiectomy as a part of their gender journey as this surgical procedure helps to remove the testicles and reduce the risks for pregnancy.

Thus, wherever you might be on the gender spectrum and whatever gender journey you decide to choose, there are various options to fulfill your reproductive health needs. You may book coil fitting in London with a health care provider to determine the right option for your need.

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