What is Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI)? There is a lot of distortion out about their sex. Some people don’t’ get tested regarding their sexual health. STI is commonly happening to those people who are active in sex. You can get it by having sex with someone who has an infection in their body. It is prone to those people who enjoy sex while having a multiple partners.

It usually passed from person to person, not from toilets and seats. STI happens over skin to skin sexual contact, or by having contact with the infected body fluids in the course of anal, or oral sex but it is more easily to transferred through oral sex.

These are some common myths about STI:

Myth: Only people with multiple partners will get STI

Enjoying sex while multiple partners affect yourself. STI transfer through person to person or skin to skin contact STI can be passed especially without using a condom. STI affects any ages; some people are diagnosed on their age of over 45. It doesn’t matter how young or old you are, STI may happen to anyone.

Myth: You cannot get an STI from oral sex

Even though the danger of having an STI through vaginal sex or anal sex is less than oral sex, most of the infections can get through oral sex. It can spread more easily. The most common way of passing it is on herpes simplex, syphilis, and gonorrhea.

Myth: Oral Contraception can protect to prevent STI

Since oral sex is more easily to get STI, contraceptives will help you to avoid STI. Male and Female condoms or plastic squares are the only way that will protect and help you in getting and transferring STI during your oral, vaginal or anal sex.

Myth: Gay men and drug users get HIV

HIV can be spread out in many ways, as well as through sex. Anyone who is sexually active can be likely to have HIV. This is a virus that can be transferred whatever your gender, sexual orientation or how many times you had sex.

Myth: It is uneasy about getting tested for STI

There is no problem to keep yourself healthy neither relishing sexual pleasure. It is not a problem if you will ask a doctor for you to take a test if you already get STI or not. The more you protect yourself, the more you will take the pleasure of the happening.

Myth: Once you already had STI, there is no chance that you can get it again

Some of the STI stay in you for life like herpes and HIV. It can be cured, but you can get it again if you had sex with the person who has them or has an infection. What you can do is to protect you self-using the contraceptives and if you are active in sex tell your doctor so you can be tested habitually.

Myth: You will see if your partner has an STI.

Even the doctors can’t tell the person if he/she has an STI by simply looking at him. That’s why they need to have to take tests to ensure their conditions. People with STI’s might not notice they have them because sometimes STI didn’t show symptoms. Even though you feel you are healthy, it is also possible for you to have an infection or virus. You can also spread and carry the STI without knowing it. If you are untreated, it can add up to a serious health problem. To be sure that you and your partner are STI free might as well consult a doctor and try condoms for protection.

If you are STI free your partner doesn’t need to get tested

Both of you have to get to be tested. It is more important if you both trying to protect yourselves.

Though there are a lot of myths regarding the Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI) There are some tips to take care of your health, the things for you to remember to prevent STI. That may help you for being protected from STI. You are the one who is responsible for your health and your safety.

These are the few things you only have to remember to avoid STI: first, don’t be a shame to consult a doctor to take sexual health test regarding your health regularly, always use contraceptives every time you plan to have sex and be conscious for your health and responsible in everything you.

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