The Possibility Of Fitting Two Contraceptive Coil

Fitting two contraceptive coils are possible, and it is usually due to a mistake by a less experienced gynaecologist. An inexperienced gynaecologist, instead of having an old contraceptive coil replaced after five years, which is the proper lifespan of a contraceptive coil will have a new coil fitted instead while the old one remains in place.

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What is the danger of having two contraceptive coils fitted at the same time?

In such a condition, you could develop various medical issues; such as stomach aches, nausea, tiredness, hair loss — various other ailments which will remain unexplained without any clear medical cause, until it is discovered that a gynaecologist erred by causing two contraceptive coils to be fitted into you at the same time.

For most women experiencing such problem, only by returning to a different and more skilled gynaecologist at the end of five years, was it confirmed that there were two contraceptive coils fitted in their cervix, and caused their unexplained medical troubles.

Removal of the old coils causes the symptoms to reduce, but most women still feel uncomfortable with the new contraceptive coil, and the only suitable option was a permanent removal of the fitted coil.

What options do you have if two contraceptive coils have been mistakenly fitted into you at the same time?

You possess the legal option of bringing a civil malpractice lawsuit against a former gynaecologist who fitted a new coil without ensuring that the old coil was removed, causing you lots of health troubles. The legal rule gives you the option of 3 years to bring litigation on the grounds of negligent treatment after which it is status barred, which implies that an action can no longer be filed against such gynaecologist. The 3 years begins from the date you got knowledge of the alleged negligence.

Some confessions we get from our patients explain that they only became aware of the cause of their illnesses and symptoms many years after the mistake had occurred, but they are still eligible to bring an alleged negligent claim due to the option offered as to knowledge of the alleged negligence.

At Gynae Uk, we offered our patients who visited coil fitting clinic in London help in proving that the unexplained symptoms experienced in the last couple of years were caused by negligent treatment resulting from the accused gynaecologist, who had failed to remove an old contraceptive coil, before having a new coil fitted. Our team put in much work and was able to get a satisfactory settlement from the offending party for our wronged patient.

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Where Do I Find Excellent Coil Fitting in London?

Coil fitting is a delicate procedure that requires an experienced gynaecologist to handle. At Gynae UK, we have expert and experienced gynaecologist for excellent coil fitting in London.

Also, our team is available to ensure you get access to a lawyer to provide you with excellent legal recommendations and representation regarding your case of negligent treatment if you have such medical experience.

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