Things to Consider when Looking for a Gynecologist

Are you suffering from problems with your reproductive system? If you are, it is strongly advisable to see a gynaecologist for a consultation and examination. Patients, who are experiencing no issues, should also undergo routine checkups to ensure reproductive and sexual health.

Before making your appointment it’s worth keeping these things in mind, so that you get the best care possible:

1. Recommendations – One of the best ways to know if a gynaecologist is worth visiting would be when your GP, friends, relatives or colleagues make a recommendation. When you seek recommendations, consider important factors such as experience and bedside manner. At Gynae Clinic, all services are delivered by our Consultant Gynaecologist, who has been seeing patients at our clinic for over 15 years.

2. Good Reviews – Once you have an idea of who to see, go through their online reviews on authentic sites such as TrustPilot or Google reviews. These websites will ask patients to rate the doctors based on several measurements that include – convenience of arranging an appointment, staff professionalism, trustworthiness, waiting times, suitable premises and ability to manage your condition properly. You will also find a list of comments and starred ratings of patients.

3. They possess good experience – When searching for a gynaecologist online, check their credentials carefully. You will find the bio of your Gynaecologist on their website and sites where patients share their reviews. Try to find out where the doctor completed their medical qualification, years of experience they possess into the relevant field, hospitals they are associated with, different specialties they have and whether they have had any serious complaints or malpractices filed against them.

4. They accept your health insurance – Cost is another factor to consider when choosing any gynaecologist. If the doctor is not recognised by your insurance plan, then you will have to pay from your pocket for proper care and treatment. You need to check with your insurance plan at the start of your search to know which Gynaecologists in your area will be included within their network.

5. Non-judgemental – Your doctor can give advice on a range of different topics, some of which may be sensitive such as – pregnancy and sexual health. Seeking a compassionate and professional clinician will ensure you will be as relaxed, open and honest as possible during your consultation.

6. They have good manners – If you select a gynaecologist who is rude or abrasive, then you will lose confidence in them. Good gynaecologists do preach or order their patients rather, they will engage in two-way communication, and listen attentively to the issue at hand. Medicine is personal and you must be confident that the doctor will listen to your concerns.

7. You feel comfortable – Your Gynaecologist will perform a thorough examination of your body and may ask some personal questions related to your reproductive health. Make sure you feel comfortable answering these questions so that the doctor can examine and come to a diagnosis with the benefit of a full and frank medical history. Some women like to be seen by a gynaecologist of the same gender, however  don’t forget to consider which provider will give you the best care available. Don’t discount an experienced, well regarded clinician simply due to their gender.

8. They are affiliated with a clinic you can trust – You may need to visit a private gynaecology clinic or to conduct any tests or treatment recommended by your Gynaecologist. Make sure the clinic your Gynaecologist is affiliated with maintains quality standards in terms of care and treatment. Only go to established clinics with a good reputation, as it is not worth taking any risks with your health to save a few pounds. Things to consider include:

  • How long has the clinic or hospital existed? You can be confident that clinic with extensive experience have dealt with many conditions, and will be there in the future if you need them
  • How many patients are seen at the clinic?
  • Reviews of patients for the care and service they receive
  • Is the clinic well staffed with professional and polite healthcare workers?

Make sure you choose someone with good experience who you can trust, so that you can have the best experience possible, with the best possible outcome.

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