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Your sexual health is just as important as your physical health. Doctors associated with the renowned sexual health clinic in London, Gynae UK, suggest that patients should not be shy when it comes to talking about their sexual health with an expert.

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If you cannot feel your contraceptive IUD string inside your uterus, there’s nothing to worry about. A doctor associated with Gynae UK – a reliable private gynaecology clinic located at Harley Street in Marylebone, London says that this is a very common issue and large number of women experiences it.

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Choosing the best Gynaecologist is not that easy. Women who are suffering from Gynaecological problems must consult a gynecologist. Preferably, a private gynecologist who will give the safest care and medical attention to the patient.

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STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases. This is a common problem for couples and is easily spread through sexual intercourse. Have you ever talk about STD testing to your partner.

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